Sometimes you have to appreciate the small things

I have to find personal projects to keep the creative side of photography going. With family, the business and just.. life, there's not a ton of time for things are the "just for me" moments. Recently I've been doing a lot of automotive as well as business sessions and it got me thinking. As a person that has always appreciated aesthetics, we're starting to trend towards vehicles becoming appliances. It's totally ok. Progress and change happens, but what about really appreciating something for what it is. That has become really the base of doing photos for the private seller listings.

This leads me to my newest project, a 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC V12

Is it fast by modern standards? nope. Is it practical? Absolutely not. What this leads back to is the same thing that applies to photography in general. It doesn't have to be practical all the time. It needs to stir emotion. When my clients want to sell a car, they want standard "this is what it is" set. But also, it should be catered to who their respective audience is. For this car, if it was to be for sale, it wouldn't be marketed the same way as say, a Toyota Camry is.

Everything about this car is just... different. Very few cars have v12's anymore and many of them aren't on the road. The rear brakes aren't by the wheels but are inboard by the diff, which is an interesting engineering design choice. Looking at the thin A-pillars, long nose and the low slung height of the actual car, the proportions are something that catch your eye.

There aren't a ton of electronic aids and this brings back a sense of feeling and emotion when driving. Something much needed that brings the same feelings back into my work.

Both a 2 part targa and convertible top are a rarity

Passion carries over

It can be like writers block sometimes. There's the standard image sets, the standard editing style and themes that obviously work. Sometimes there has to be something that just doesn't make sense. Something that you do "just because". Something that inspires. Here's to all of my clients that embrace it and allow me to be a part of each project.