The Reality of a Studio Lit Session

Whether its fashion, creative or just a clean backdrop session, most people overthink when they truly need a full studio setup. A properly set up mobile setup will provide what most people need.

How's the space setup?

In general, at a minimum I set up two lights plus the backdrop. There's the key light which is the main source and then a 2nd light used as a back light or a rim light. For more complex setups, there can be up to 4 different strobes used. Backdrops are generally paper rolls and can be specifically colored depending on your session theme/style. Overall, the space I'd recommend is about a 12x20ft space. If its just a headshot or possibly 3/4, that can be narrowed down a bit but you really want space to not feel cramped.

Is it just for models?

Absolutely not. Schedule a session to have fun and be yourself. While there's more work that goes into one of these, it's a more immersive experience. Being able to literally show yourself in the best light is a huge benefit. Whether its for business, personal use or any other reason, it's another option when you're looking for images to set yourself apart.