As an avid car/truck enthusiast (anything with wheels really), I always appreciate getting to do automotive sessions. It's even better when you get to go out on location and actually use it for what it's for. Open air, a built 4Runner ready to crawl any terrain and not a soul in sight on the trails.

4Runner Off Road 6

Ian built this to go anywhere. Everything functional and serving a purpose. This isn't a parking lot princess. For the session we went to the Patterson area and it was a great change from the urban events and normal portraits that have been most of my recent work. Shooting an off road vehicle is much different than a normal car on pavement. Most of the time, you basically work with a flat plane and adjust from there. In this case, it's completely different because you have a vertical axis to play with. Need to angle the vehicle? No problem. Drive up that 45 degree or more obstacle and get a leading line.

4Runner Off Road 3

This had me come to a final realization. I need to find time to build a rig that's able to get to so many of the scenic areas I had a chance to see. Mounted go pros, being able to carry all of my gear along with drones etc, there's definitely an upside. The trails are calling and I'm not sending them to voicemail anymore.

4Runner Off Road 4

You can see more of this on his Instagram @fun2see_island