There's nothing worse than scrolling through a listing and seeing terrible photos of a car. From half cut off images to strange angles, often times, you don't get a true sense of the car. Without good photos, most people won't even take the time to reach out, much less schedule a time to see it.

This was an example of a clients Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV that was the highest selling one on bring a trailer. It sold $86,500 and was every bit worth the value.

Clean angles and a true to life representation are paramount. Being able to see and highlight the lines of the car as well as details give the buyer a sense of what they're actually getting into. There is always context to the image and it should have a sense of lifestyle and scene.

Interior shots should be inviting and while detail shots are included, there has to be emotion involved. The image should make you see yourself behind the wheel.

When it comes to the engine bay, it should be treated and focused as art. A lot of car enthusiasts already know what they're looking at and a clean setting shows the care and attention to the rest of the car. Badges, details and imperfections are also captured to give confidence to the buyer so that their expectations matches the reality.

Your photos really are the difference between getting the value the car is truly worth and someone trying to lowball thousands from your price.

As a car guy myself, feel free to reach out with questions and I'm always happy to talk.