5 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

It can seem overwhelming when things don't go according to plan

During the day, family is everywhere, friends are celebrating, drinks are being poured and you're about to say "I do". It can seem overwhelming when things don't go according to plan and that beautifully laid out schedule that you planned starts to go all sorts of sideways. It's common at pretty much every wedding to have any and everything unexpectedly come up. Take the worry out of your wedding with these tips.

Plan a party, not a wedding

Seriously, the moment you start to treat your wedding as a party that just happens to have a ceremony at one part, you'll instantly realize it's a lot easier. People remember the ceremony but more than that, they remember what happens before and afterwards. The ceremony itself is generally the least stressful portion since it's got a very basic structure. The reception and dinner, you're with friends and family just enjoying company. The same way you wouldn';t stress about spending time with the people you care about, it's a celebration that people will enjoy no matter what.

When getting ready have a personal assistant

You already have a ton going on. When getting ready, having an assistant to bridge the event and yourself is key. I don't mean a wedding planner. This is someone that can answer texts for you, give updates if needed to everyone else so you can prepare yourself in peace and have that moment of calm. It's about to be an excitement filled day and taking a deep breath to focus on just enjoying yourself is exactly what you need.

15-30 minute buffers

Schedules are fluid. Everything changes constantly. With as many people are involved with a wedding, someone's bound to not be exactly where they're supposed to be. A prime example is the formal pictures. I've had couples that allot 15 minutes for formals right after there ceremony. Their schedule was like the below.

5:30 Ceremony

6:00 Family Formal Pictures

6:15 Grand Entrance

Family formals really don't take that long. Generally they're more for the bride and grooms parents and relatives than them. That being said, there are a lot of people involved and pretty much every time, someone wants a photo with the bride + groom + some combination of family members that wasn't planned.

Build that into your schedule and know that it's ok if you run slightly over in one section because you'll have plenty of time.

Don’t get a dress you cant walk in

Seriously, yes you might look amazing like a statue goddess. It doesn't matter if you can't move and are 100% uncomfortable. I don't mean that it should have to be like wearing leggings and a t shirt comfortable, but you should be able to walk around your venue without worrying if your 7" stride will get you around.

Don’t let others tell you how your wedding should be

This is the big one. Just because someone else's wedding was a certain way doesn't instantly mean yours needs to follow the same path. It's your wedding day. Have a part that you don't like? Just don't do it. Have as much or as little emphasis on a specific detail as you want. Literally, make the day about you. All the time and money is spent to have moments that you'll remember forever and to have a day that literally is perfect to you.