Covering Holiday Events

Santa and his helper Solano Town Center Fairfield CA
Santa and his helper Solano Town Center Fairfield CA

It seems like the time from October through December flies by. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's always a busy time both at home and for events.

Covering any kind of holiday event is much like a wedding reception. Looking for candid moments of happiness and the embodiment of the holiday spirit is key. Very rarely will you get to pose an individual. It's definitely a nice break from the semi posed pictures that have to be included with most weddings. It also gives a chance to exercise a bit of creativity to truly make the images stand out.

Cell Phone Santa Solano Town Center Fairfield CA

Look for angles that the average person doesn't get with their phone. These days with everyone having a camera with them almost at all times, It's the creativity and quality that separates professional images. Most commercial work is looking for clean, natural images that capture the essence so composition is more important that what you can do with the picture in post.

Facepainting Solano Town Center Fairfield CA

A major part about events like these is the opportunity to network. Take the time to get to know the other vendors that you're working with and build the foundation to a relationship.

Overall, it's an opportunity to not only have a change from the standard busy wedding season, it also gives you an opportunity to focus on basics. Shoot a lot, shoot often, and love what you shoot. Use every experience to add something to your photography because you never know when they'll help in the standard day to day.

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