Emotional Intelligence in Photography

I was browsing one of my feeds and came across an interesting read about emotional intelligence in photography.

As a wedding photographer, being able to identify what's happening at any given moment is crucial. It's the difference between capturing a boring still and an image that conveys the sense of feeling in that image. Composition, the surroundings and editing style all play a part in it.

If you're looking to take portrait photography to something beyond stiff poses, this is something that has to be learned and incorporated. Sometimes we probably do this without thinking but it's good to have it verbalized and to make a conscious effort. It discusses things from a street photography/candid point of view but is applicable really to anything involving people as the subject.

If anything, it speaks to the demeanor of the photographer and our interactions with people as our subject instead of a static inanimate object.

Link to the PetaPixel article below: