How I approach Autumn Photography

To me, fall weather brings more than just pumpkin spice lattes, Ugg boots and reds and oranges everywhere. Everyone loves autumn photos because soft light is abundant and it's easy to create mood. Let me show you why fall is one of my favorite times to shoot.

I'll be talking about a recent engagement session I did with a wonderful couple in Dixon. We got to Cool Patch Pumpkins about an hour before sun was scheduled to set so that there was plenty of time to scout specific locations that day. When shooting in a crowded area, its always a challenge make sure that distracting elements are out of frame or easily corrected.

My personal style engages a lot of play between light and shadow. There's obviously the standard where you can have a clear cut image but really, your client is there because of your creativity.

The surroundings and composition play a large role in what I look for. Of course you can always throw a ton of bokeh (background depth of field blur) at a picture and instantly create separation and emphasis on your subject. What I like to try to do is use the light itself as a leading line, drawing the attention to the couple.

Basically, I like to create feeling. I like to make something that's more than just a portrait. If you look this image on a cold day you can feel something on a personal level that warms you. That should really be the goal of any photographer.