How to Ensure an Unplugged Wedding

Imagine looking out at the crowd for your special day and seeing a sea of phones snapping pictures and recording you. Awesome right? Instant rockstar status. Now think about your wedding photos showing your guests not focused on you in the moment but on their phones instead.

It's personal preference however most moments look more intimate when a nose isnt buried in the screen of a phone. Think of it like the previews before a movie where the person next to you has their phone out the whole time. Having an unplugged ceremony might just be the thing for you.

REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD - More attention and focus on you. - You know that the people

- Clear view for the photographer you're paying.


- It's hard to actually make one happen. Often times you may feel like you would have to scold someone. - You might not see pictures of the ceremony itself except for the sneak peeks from your photographer depending on delivery times.


- Let people know well ahead of time. The invitation and related stationary should give hints that this is a phone free unplugged ceremony. It's a unity between you and your significant other, a sacred moment.

- Your wedding planner/officiant. They can remind your guests before the ceremony and help things to run smoothly as well. Sometimes its as easy as a quick reminder right before the actual ceremony happens.

- Signage around the venue. Listing a phone free portion on the schedule as well as your welcome sign is an option as well.

You can always give permission and amend as needed to your preferences.

Ultimately your wedding will be amazing no matter which route you go. It's your special day so make sure that you get the attention and memories you deserve.