Is Leica truly becoming a fashion brand?

In recent news, Mykita is partnering with Leica on some new sunglasses.

Ok, first off, I get it. Who doesn't like swag? Handling a Leica is like driving a vintage sports car. There's a lot of feeling and emotion when using them versus the actual case for the product. A lot of Fujifilm shooters catch slack because of their similar approach.

That said. There seem to be the Leica shooters who like to name drop the product like its supposed to inspire hushed whispers of awe and reverence.

So the question is. At what point does a brand become more about the brand itself than it's actual function? Check out their YouTube Video below.

I honestly have no idea who Leica is marketing to here. Photographers? Doesn't look like it. The person I can see wearing these is the same person that carries their Leica around on a strap all day taking a few random snapshots a day.... if any. Afterwards, going home and praising themselves on their street photography while they change into their Porsche branded hat, shirt, gloves, socks and boxers to cruise their base 911 to the local cars and coffee. (full disclaimer, I personally love Porsche but we all know the certain kind of owners that are out there)

Anyways, maybe I'm just jaded and "don't get it" but that's ok. Leica, I love your cameras but hate your branding philosophy.

If you want to check this Mykita / Leica eyewear out for yourself, there's a link here.