It's OK to have a preferred style and edit outside that style.

Contrast family photo session

Many times as a photographer we try to define ourselves by our style. We have a need to want to show the world through our own eyes and stick by what we know. This is great but it hurts to isolate ourselves into a specific style only a lot of times especially from a business aspect.

I personally prefer images with contrast and reasonable highlights. Sometimes a bit of crushing the blacks in an image makes sense to create a certain feel like below.

Does this mean that I won't accept a job if a client requests something outside of my preferred edit style? Absolutely not. We're in a service industry. It's a creative one but ultimately a service industry as well. Most of my clients give me full reign over my preferred style of the photos. For those that request something off the beaten path, I make it clear that even thought it's not my preferred style it's an option.

For example: I'm not a huge fan of the "light and airy" or photos with blown out highlights

light and airy wedding bride

It's not that it's a bad thing at all, it's just not my preference. If the client requests it, I have no probably obliging. Of course, there are points where it's absolutely ok to say that a request is beyond you reasonably want to do. Editing in different styles not only increases the total scope of work you can accept, it also helps you to grow as a photographer.