Making time for Work / Life Balance - a trip out to Fort Bragg

Glass Beach Fort Bragg
"Making time for yourself still needs to be a priority."

The slow season for most wedding photographers is normally around November through February. With the colder weather, weddings slow but holiday portraits and corporate events pick up. This is also the time that I use to catch up on all of the administrative work and the less interesting business parts of running a photography business.

Despite what a lot of people think, having a legitimate photography business is probably about 80% non photography related work. Making time for yourself still needs to be a priority. Here it is February and I finally have a moment to be able to take my wife out to a place she loves, Fort Bragg and Mendocino.

Fort Bragg Mendocino Harbor

Going there near the end of winter reminds me a lot of Seattle weather. It was overcast but at the same time it gave a charm to the small town feel of the area. I can see that as it warms up and tourist season starts, the experience would be a lot different. Since it's right on the water, ocean views locations for portrait / engagement shoots are pretty much everywhere I looked. It takes a lot to turn off the work thought process but that's the whole point of taking time out for yourself.

Glass Beach Cove

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg has several tucked in beaches that would be amazing for some creative portraits. Waves crashing in the background, it's just an overall mesmerizing place.

Glass Beach Sand

It's called Glass Beach for a reason. My wife leads with telling me that it used to be a dump site. Awesome, i'm going to see trash beach. Absolutely not the case. All over the ground are weathered pieces of glass and shell that give the ground a soft and textured base. If you visit, as tempting as it is, leave it there so that others can enjoy it for hopefully generations well after us.

Glass Beach Waterfront

To me, this isn't a "lounge chair and beach towel" kind of place. It's a "walk and enjoy the company" vibe. This is exactly what I needed. It's a reset before entering back into the reality of the hustle and stress of life. It's a reminder that we work for a reason. And most of all, it's a haven for tranquility that you can't get on a crowded beach during the summer.

Glass Beach

My wife would be perfectly happy living up here but personally I need the almost chaos of living in a much bigger place. If you're in the area, you won't be disappointed if you visit.

Fort Bragg Harbor