Newborn Photography - A Post Session Reflection

Fairfield CA Family Newborn portrait
"'s bringing the best parts from the previous year with you going forward"

Going into 2020, everyone talks about starting fresh. How magically they're going to go to the gym and become a magical new them. Hey, more power to them. I always take time at the end of each year to reflect and be thankful but also to play through the next year as well. I can't help but think about a recent portrait session and realize that it's not about just starting fresh, it's bringing the best parts from the previous year with you going forward. A beautiful life born literally at the end of 2019 that I had the opportunity to include in my first week sessions of 2020.

Eyes wide open

After wedding season, for me it transitions into a majority of corporate work and family sessions. It's a cool time of the year because it's an added change from the break neck pace of event work. Often as a wedding photographer, we're included in special moments that many people get to experience once. We craft images that capture the memories of that day. Sometimes candid, sometimes posed, but always looking for the moment. When you think about newborn sessions, our service that we're providing and the experience with the family IS the event.

Fairfield CA Family Newborn Portrait session

Think about it

These are some of the first images captured in this brand new little persons life. Proud parents looking on, pleased and eager, leaving me truly marveled at the beauty of new life. Every parent sees their children and the most beautiful thing in the world. Being trusted and chosen to capture these times isn't just a job, it's also fundamentally an honor.

Wedding photographers and family photographers all get to leave something behind that is bigger than themselves. The photos we deliver, the images that we spend time behind, all become something that people look at and reflect on. I guess what I'm saying is that, at my core, I'm grateful to not only be able to provide that,

Fairfield CA Family Portrait Newborn Session