Wedding Photographer Photoshopped Bride Without Consent, Drama Ensues

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

What would you do if your wedding photos looked like a completely different group of people were involved?

Reddit user KielianWarrior posted recently about how to address the fact that his wedding photographer delivered overly retouched / edited images.

".. waist reduction, breast reduction sometimes, arms thinned, chin made pointier, smoothing of spots wrinkles on both bride and groom (bride and groom were quite young anyway so there weren't many, to begin with). In some photos the fatter bridesmaids were slimmed but not all of them, so it almost is comical to go between photos and see the change. The bride was happy with how she looked and doesn't want the photos of her to be a photoshopped supermodel."

Retouching is industry standard in a lot of cases but the problem is that the photographer is now stating that he doesn't have the original raw files and that the user shouldn't expect much as far as correction of the images now.

Crazy right? All of the wedding photographers that I know keep copies of the raw files just in case something happens as well as for archival backup of their own.

There's a line that is pretty standard that we know not to cross. Any kind of temporary blemish we'll take care of naturally such as acne or a stain etc. to completely alter physical proportions to an extreme is way out there and hard to get behind.

Apparently it's escalated further and we get to see the story unfold on tv since the client brought this to his local tv station.

I would never treat a client this way. Hopefully he won't either going forward.

If you want to see the original start to this see the link below.

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