What Inspires a Wedding Photographer?

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Every photographer gets asked, “What inspires you?”

As a wedding photographer, you have to be a jack of all trades. Portrait, architecture, landscape, lifestyle, action and even product photography all play a part in a day. Many wedding photographers don’t start out thinking that it was a divine calling. Instead, we fall into it because of the combination of every aspect of it. The creativity, the spontaneity and the ability to challenge yourself to draw on all genres of photography.

What inspires me directly

People. Ultimately I like people. Interactions, stories and friendships. Being able to capture moments, (especially the unplanned), has a feeling that I’m leaving something that will be remembered. When grandchildren and great grandchildren look through their family photos, they’ll have no idea who I am but that memory will be something that I had a small part in.

Before discovering that wedding photography was what I truly wanted to pursue, I originally set out thinking that automotive photography was where I wanted to be. A photographer/journalist for a magazine was the dream. It only seemed to fit since I’ve been an auto enthusiast since way before I could drive. After shooting for a while, I realized that static shots weren’t what I was completely passionate about. Between the consistent family photos and sessions to stay busy, I enjoyed getting to shoot motorsports.

LS Swapped Datsun 510 at Sonoma Raceway
LS Swapped Datsun 510 at Sonoma Raceway

Motion and feeling combined was interesting to me. Having to adapt to an ever changing variable. Being able to pinpoint your shot and both predict and react at the right times is what draws me in. That’s one of the main things I draw on in my wedding photography. Composition and a general eye is crucial. Being able to get the shot is even more so. Being able to adapt to any setting.

At the Davis Arboretum
At the Davis Arboretum

Once the first few weddings were done, I was hooked. This is where I wanted to be. What fit me. A lot of photographers I meet are great but they don’t really have social skills. I think it’s a matter of being the one looking through the lens instead of being comfortable in front of it as well.

The Reality

I enjoy all genres of photography. From fashion to astro, it’s an art. A way for people to see what I see and document the experiences. When I’m asked, “Don’t you get tired of shooting weddings or events?” my response is always the same.

Every wedding and event is different. Every family is is unique and special. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whoever said if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life had it wrong. You work. You work harder than you think that you ever would. But, you do what you love.