Yes, I'm still booking clients

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

While large gathering events are being put on hold due to the guidelines set by the government, I'm still here to schedule for dates in advance as normal. Also, product, and in certain circumstances, portraits are still available.

With everything going on, the safety and health of all both my family and all of my clients is paramount. It's always a concern when something so life changing affects so many people. Being responsible and doing the right thing has been hard on many other business owners I know as well. Getting this time with my family has been an added plus after running such a hectic and busy lifestyle.

I still spend my time managing accounts as well as working on several projects that I've needed to make time for. A website revamp along with several other additions are making this time actually extremely productive.

Even though my everyday camera sits a lot of the time now, I've been able to branch out and expand quite a bit more of what we're able to offer and I look forward to launching it in the next couple of months.

I'll always still shoot Fujifilm. Be it on a daily basis with an x-t20 or on my x-t2 / x-t3. These times are great for spending time being more creative as well and working within the constraints of producing content at home.

I just wanted to give a general update to the current state of things and wishing nothing but good thoughts to all of my clients, present and future.