Documentary Wedding Photographer

Quality, attention to detail, prompt communication and the ability to capture images under any circumstance. To me, you're more than just a client.

A mix of documentary and portrait images are my preferred style. I use natural light as well as off camera flash where necessary to craft images that you'll love and cherish. 

Images are delivered via an online gallery link as well as an optional custom keepsake box with matching usb drive.


A Documentary Wedding Photographer will tell the story of your day, through candid, unposed images.

This allows you to spend all your time with your friends and family, without any unnecessary posing or direction from your photographer.

A documentary wedding photographer is all about telling a story.

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer, for me, it’s about weaving the images together to tell the tale of your wedding.

Of course, its important to the key shots during a wedding, but I really love to explore the whole event.

For every client, Each wedding photograph goes through precise and technical post-processing re-touching exercise.


I personally edit every one of the selected shots so that you are presented with only the very best photographs of your special day.


I shoot with digital equipment, but my love of film images has led me to develop a post-production style that allows my photography to resemble that of the timeless film photos.


My photographs are purposefully edited for character.


I use natural light as well as off camera flash and many people come to me because they appreciate the time and effort I put into the production of my finished images.


They often have an appreciation of film style imagery and not the clinical, over-processed digital images that you often see these days.

Wedding documentary.jpg


Does a documentary wedding photographer take photos of dresses? Do they photograph the details of your day?


Yes, of course.


Wedding photojournalism is about telling the whole story of your wedding and the details are part of the story of your day.

Of course, the dress will be photographed within context.


Details such as locations and table decorations are all very important elements of the wedding day too.


It’s about the love between the couple but most of all, wedding photojournalism is about the moment.

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